We offer you tailor-made solutions for urgent goods, valuable cargo, goods and material transports of all kinds. Without delays, reliably and safely to the destination. Contact us.
We make it happen …

On-target and just-in-time transport

We transport your goods “just in time” with approx. 255 km/h to the desired destination.

Stowage space cabin

One Euro pallet can be transported in the passenger compartment.
Maximum payload cabin: 460 kg

Storage space general

Payload left stowage 120 kg, right stowage 100 kg, rear stowage 80 kg.
Loading possibilities for packing volumes (payload) available.

All-round service

For goods and material transports up to max. 976 kg. On request incl. shuttle transport.

Landing sites

For take-off and landing we will find the most suitable landing site and obtain the landowner’s consent.

Our helicopter

The AS350B2 offers all the advantages for the transport of urgent and vulnerable goods and cargo.

"From the short notice request, to the handling, to the delivery at the destination -
responsive, reliable and on time."


Give away a special moment! Voucher for a gourmet flight, a weekend break with the helicopter, a sightseeing flight with appetizers, a flight for a picnic or heli skiing in the Alps, shopping or to a winery. Contact us!

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